Channel Line Up

Lower Channels 1-9

Upper Channels 10-18

Channel 1

The Godly News Network

The Godly News Network is a channel featuring 24 hours of news and news related programming from a christian perspective discussing domestic as well as international issues.

Channel 2

The Godly Network Channel

The Godly Network Channel is the premiere channel of the Godly Network. The Godly Network

Channel 3

The Preview Guide Channel

The preview guide channel contains a preview, narrated by the founder Dr. Rogelio Mills, of the types of programming that airs on the Godly Network as well as an updated channel guide.

Channel 4

The Godly Shopping Network

The Godly Shopping Network is a channel filled with 24 hours of home shopping christian programming. The Godly Shopping Network features everything from ministry books, DVD's, CD's to electronics and home furnishings.

Channel 5

The Supernatural Encounters Channel

The Supernatural Encounters Channel specifically features programming on actual supernatural activity taking place in the world today. Some of the shows feature: hauntings, demons, ghosts, UFO's, electronic phenomena and many other types of supernatural activity. One program featured on the channel is Scary Encounters. Scary Encounters features a team of investigators who travel from place to place looking for an encounter with the supernatural.

Channel 6

The Godly Sports Network

The Godly News Network features the latest updates and news in sports from expert analysts as well as classic sports games from the past 50 years.

Channel 7

The Godly Devotional Network

The Godly Devotional Network features praise and worship music with soothing video in which one can meditate on the Lord.

Channel 8

The Godly Cartoon Channel

The Godly Cartoon channel features 24 hours of wholesome cartoon programming suitable for the whole family.

Channel 9

The Godly Video Channel

The Godly Video Channel features the latest Christian music videos as well as interviews with today's most talented artists.

Channel 10

The Sound Doctrine Channel

The Sound Doctrine Channel is the second premiere channel of the Godly Network. The Sound Doctrine Channel features the latest in biblical teachings and sermons from some of today's most popular ministers.

Channel 11

Godly Network International

The Godly Network International features christian programming from all over the world in many different languages. See channel guide for specific language programming.

Channel 12

The Godly Movie Network

The Godly Movie Network is an all movie channel that features 24 hours of classic and modern movies without commercials.

Channel 13

Classic Gospel Television/Godly Exercise Channel

Classic Gospel Television features many classic sermons from legendary ministers such as Billy Gramm, Lester Sommeral, Oral Roberts and many others. Also featured on Channel 13 are exercise programs to help people lose weight as well as stay fit.

Channel 14

Godly Network Radio

Godly Network Radio features audio teachings from some of today's most talented ministers.

Channel 15

Scary Encounters Radio

Scary Encounters Radio features radio programming dealing with the supernatural such as demons, angels, hauntings, ghosts, UFOS and other paranormal activity.

Channel 16

Godly Music Radio

The Godly Music Radio features the latest hits from today's Christian artists as well as classic songs from some of the legends in christian music

Channel 17

Godly Talk Radio

Godly Talk Radio features the finest christian talk radio programs in which many common as well as many controversial subjects are debated and discussed.

Channel 18

Godly Viewer Endorsements

This is a channel dedicated to the viewers.